Closed Doors and the Christian’s Call

by Tina Yeager

And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. Hebrews 12:1-2 NIV

The last rays of summer light hinted at the lateness of the hour. Hunger’s rising growl confirmed our situation. We lacked access to a kitchen of our own that evening and time to find nourishment ran shorter as our shadows grew longer.

We walked into the first take-out spot in the strip mall, only to find filth and soapless restrooms. Not our place. The second establishment had no room. Rain pelted us as we continued our search for a table along the sidewalk. At the third doorway, we heard the same bad news: no space. The fourth restaurant announced imminent closure.

The sands of our hope dwindled through the hourglass.

On our way back to the car, I glanced around the last corner and noticed a single, walnut door with a huge brass handle. Scrolled lettering on the glass inset identified this as a restaurant entrance. My husband asked what I might be doing as I reached out to tug at that final opportunity. The maître-de informed us we had arrived just in time for an open table.

A candle flickered on a spectacular, white-clothed nook awaiting us. The finest gourmet meal of our trip soon lay before us in an exclusive setting. And we had almost missed it.

In pursuit of purpose, we can face an overwhelming number of closed doors. An ill-suited place. Not the right time. Or no one seems to have room for us. Rejection upon rejection, the slam of each lost opportunity turns our souls out into a hungrier and more despondent trudge. How often do we wonder if we’ll ever enjoy a seat at the ministry table? The temptation to leave our calling behind and give up grows stronger with every pelt of circumstantial rain.

Yet, the Lord has called us for a purpose. He made reservations for us at an exclusive place. He created this calling, this hunger in our souls. Our Creator plans to bless us with a certain, glorious experience in which we will find fulfillment. If we give up, we risk missing out on the one of the finest opportunities of our journey with Him.

As the rain and our rising hunger deplete our perseverance, we must remind ourselves to trust the Lord to nourish and fulfill us.

Lord, guide me on this path of multiple door closures toward the perfect spot you’ve reserved for my message. Strengthen my weary steps and sustain me through discouraging circumstances. Remind me to look for your opportunities, which await around a corner where I cannot yet see them. Amen.

This article is brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

Tina Yeager

About the author: Award-winning author, speaker, licensed counselor, and life coach, Tina Yeager encourages audiences to fulfill their potential. She offers writing workshops through Serious Writer Academy, hosts the Flourish-Meant podcast, and is a mentor with Word Weavers International.

Tina’s book, Beautiful Warrior, empowers you to break free from the insecurity that has you trapped. Pick up your shield―the Word of God, your identity in Christ, and healthy thought patterns―and become the divine heroine you were destined to be.

Join the conversation: Have you been in a place where only closed doors are in sight?

5 thoughts on “Closed Doors and the Christian’s Call

  1. This is great, Tina! I was reminded that it took twenty-six rejections before my first book was published on the twenty-seventh submission. If God is calling us to share a message, HE will make it happen.
    Lots of closed doors. Then HE opened Tyndale House. Wow!


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