Chasing Contentment

by Lori Hynson @LoriSuperGal

“Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.” I Timothy 6:6 NLT

“As soon as I . . .” get that promotion, make more money, potty-train the baby, get that book written, get over this illness, get out from under this debt . . . then I’ll be content.”

Have you spent your life chasing an endless list starting with “as soon as”?

While this is true for most people, it is especially true for those of us living with what I call SuperGal Syndrome. Running after approval, after some kind of achievement, after what someone else may have.

Contentment is the most valuable thing we can possess in life. We all want the first side of contentment—living satisfied, living peaceful, living joyful.  So, we chase after whatever we think will get us there. You know, get us there. The good there.

But true contentment has a second side. Being content is being at peace with all of our circumstances. Even those that weren’t exactly part of our plan—the failure to locate that pot of gold, the health issue, the ruffled relationships, the wayward kids, seeing someone else achieve what you wanted, comparing yourself unfavorably to others.

“I did it my way” may have been a profitable philosophy for Frank Sinatra, but isn’t going to much help the rest of us. Doing it our way usually leads to frustration, disappointment, anxiety, and failure. It leads to more as soon as…

What does the “true godliness with contentment” mentioned in I Timothy look like? It’s us saying, “I want what You want for me, Lord,” and meaning it. Learning what God wants for us, then trusting that God has the best plan for our lives, which may or may not include our as soon as.

Want contentment? Who doesn’t? On my best days, the days I’m NOT off and running too soon after my own plans, here’s what works for me—starting my day with a thankful heart.

Refreshing my mind with the positive—God’s beautiful creation, a smile, my ability to take long walks at my age—it’s all there if I look for it.

When we count our blessings—today’s and yesterday’s, it pushes open the gate to God’s path of peace for us, and comforts ours hearts to face that day’s circumstances.

That, for me, is true contentment.

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Lori HynsonAbout the author: Lori Hynson is a Recovering SuperGalaholic, author, speaker, Bible teacher, and singer. Her life ministry is to encourage women to recognize and be healed of their self-imposed SuperGal burdens, to find God’s abundant peace and contentment through His Word, and embrace the freedom they can experience daily in their new life in Christ.

Lori’s book, SuperGal vs. God, is the story of a woman who was convinced she could control everything life threw her way. Until she couldn’t fix the one thing that mattered most. A Bible study/book club guide on the truths in this story is also available.

Lori and her husband have five children, thirteen grandchildren, and enjoy living near Valley Forge, PA with their cats Wednesday and Natasha.

Join the conversation: For what blessings do you most often thank God? How does remembering to do so affect your attitude?

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