by Beth Duewel @DuewelBeth

“Being ran over by a donkey isn’t as much fun as you think.” I tried to set the record straight with my kids. Three wide grins told me they thought otherwise.

I confess, I have a problem. I expect I can do things I really can’t do or fix things I just can’t fix. I try anyway. Because I can already feel the winds of success blow across my shoulders and finger through my hair. Without tangles even. I imagine everything is great and good and happy. It’s funny though, some things never quite play out how I’ve pictured in my mind.

Like when Virelle Kidder and I both spoke at the same woman’s conference at my home church a few years ago. The leadership team needed a fun video of a donkey smiling—so I volunteered. I can help, I thought. I imagined that I know stuff. Not donkey stuff—but some stuff.

I reported the whole disaster to my family a few days later at dinner: “You remember how I was supposed to go on a donkey excursion today?” I watched my daughter’s spoon drop and her peas bounce to the floor. “Well, it didn’t go as planned—can someone please pass me the bread?”

What happened this time? my husband’s smile said as he handed me a roll.

“Anyway…Maryanne said she knew a donkey-guy. So we took carrots. Jumped a fence.  Walked up to this “tame” donkey. And I talked to him while Maryanne taped. Suddenly, he laid his ears back and smiled. Not a nice smile though, more like a ‘I’m going to eat you, and I’m very glad to do it!’ type-grin. Then it yelled ‘Get out!’ put his head down and chased us across the pasture! We were almost trampled when our feet tangled in the tall grass—but we distracted him with girly screams. Yep. Maryanne got the whole thing on tape. We can all watch it later if you want.”

“COOL, MOM! Do donkeys head-butt like our goats?” My son wanted something National Geographic worthy—but there was nothing worthy, only meatloaf.

“How did the video turn out?” My husband’s question highlighted the one bright spot in the I saw the whole thing going differently loop playing in my head.

“Well—it’s hysterical.” I admitted. “Although it’s nothing like we thought it would be, maybe even better than we expected!”

And that’s what I remember when life seems off track and the opposite of what I’ve dreamed up in my head. On chased-by-a-donkey-type-days, I have to fasten expectation to God’s hope and allow His happiness to happen instead. However. Whatever.

Especially when what I’ve imagined wraps around reality and leaves me in a knot. Or this time of year, when resolve turns to “Not EVER gonna happen!” I tend to get myself in quite a tangle.

But we can trust His truth to untangle us.

“For I know the plans I have for you…plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11). I guess if I know some stuff—it’s that these two ties: the hope of eternity and the promise of perfect, loosened the jumble of sorrow and famine and captivity for the Babylonians’ reality. We don’t have to be tied to all we’ve imagined, when we can have the freedom of God’s perfect hope. Forever.

So, if you’re having a chased-by-a-donkey-type-day, remember this single strand of truth: God’s plan is infinitely better than you could ever dream up! Ever. Happy New Year, friends! And may your future be great and your donkey…tame!

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.  Psalm 23:6

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About the author: Beth Duewel is a writer, speaker, and blogger at Fix-Her-Upper.com. She has three almost adulting children, and lives with her husband in Ashland, Ohio. Beth and her coauthor, Rhonda Rhea, are super excited about their first book, Fix Her Upper: Hope and Laughter Through a God Renovated Life!  And now you can catch Beth & Rhonda’s soon to release, Fix Her Upper 90 Day Devotional , (Bold Vision).  Start off the New Year with this Devotional, Journal, and Coloring Book in one! https://www.boldvisionbooks.com/shop/. Use the link to pre-order their new book now!

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