There’s Just Something in the Air

by Amber Weigand-Buckley

Be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if I told. Habakkuk 1:5 ESV.

I love nostalgia. I’m easily caught up in photo albums and listening to family members talk about days gone by.

There is such comfort thinking about a time that didn’t require locking the front door for safety. That level of “trusting your neighbor” seems pretty attractive. And yet I do realize it wasn’t a completely idyllic time period. It is difficult for me to think about living during government-mandated segregation or without the right to vote.

There was a day many decades ago when my Christian father was told the mental health meds he needed weren’t necessary, and he should just pray through his illness. Our entire family suffered because he, like many, struggled silently. Life is tough enough without feeling like you have to “keep up appearances.”

I certainly don’t diminish anything happening now, either. Even today, I can look back at a younger and thinner Amber, who had a whole life ahead of her. However, even in those times, I still walked through some pretty dark and scary things that I NEVER want to go back through.

Those look-back moments remind me of Lot’s wife, taking one last glimpse of the city and what she was leaving behind. That fleeting and final glance ended her life. She couldn’t trust that what was ahead of her was better.

And we do the same thing.

Our lack of trust in God can really get us into trouble. It becomes problematic when we look back and wish we could return to it. When we reminisce about the past, both good and bad, it’s important to remember God’s faithfulness through every moment that is yet to come.

God has reminded me of Habakkuk 1:5 over and over again through the past few years. As I breathe it in, He uses it to strengthen, challenge and stretch me: God wants us to be astounded. To live astounded. He is doing something new. HE IS the new-every-morning-I’ll-do-it-again-and-even-better-than-you-expected-just-trust-me God!

Friends, we don’t have to lament the final service of a revival, because God says, What I’ve done, I’ll do again—and even more significantly.

Moreover, we must remain in a posture that says, “God, I’m looking forward to today and every step beyond because you’re going to lavishly pour out Your Spirit in bigger, beyond-revival ways.”

I don’t want to put limits on how He can astound me. Let’s get excited about moving forward to embrace His bigger and better. He’s just that good.

This article is brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

About the author: Amber Weigand-Buckley is the editor and art director for Leading Hearts magazine (

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3 thoughts on “There’s Just Something in the Air

  1. Thanks, Amber, for pointing out Christians can suffer mental health challenges.

    My wife recognized the need to seek help, and she trusted God for the solution. She found an understanding therapist who upheld our Christian beliefs while helping her navigate past the dark days. Now, she wants Christians to know it’s okay to seek help.

    She shares her journey and renewed joy in posts about self-care at Regular Girl Devos.

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