Tis The Season

by Marcia Clarke

He shall be like a tree planted by the river of water that brings forth fruit in its season. Psalm 1:3 NKJV

Aside from the four seasons of fall, winter, spring, and summer, the Bible calls periods or experiences in our lives seasons. We are in the middle of fall right now. The northern hemisphere is moving toward a time of rest to prepare for new growth after a dormant winter. As the earth moves on its revolution around the sun, the changing of seasons is a perpetual order that will not change and will continue to exist forever.

Seasons in our lives can be joyful or challenging, often designed to strengthen us and reveal a better view of who God is in our lives. As with fall, winter, spring, and summer, every season of life has its difficulties, advantages, but also its beauty. As long as we exist on the earth, we will experience seasons of rest and recovery, or storms and tests.

No matter what, we should prepare our minds to embrace the tests which will groom us to blossom into beautiful flowers when spring appears. To position ourselves for this beautiful oasis, we must experience the challenges, the adversity, or even great sorrow to strengthen our hearts and bring us to the feet of Jesus. He knows all too well about the tests of mankind because he experienced it alone for us.

The Israelites, for example, experienced a season of wandering (Numbers 32:13). They were given clear direction and promises from God that He would give the land to them. They refused to trust Him. Instead, they wandered forty years without ever experiencing that previously promised blessing because of their complaints, grumbling, and lack of faith. Yet while God would not allow them to enter, throughout the forty years in the wilderness He continued to lead them, protect them, and provide for their needs. God’s grace kept them even while they chose to live outside of his will.

Seasons are always changing; they never last forever no matter how we may feel while we are in the middle of them. God will not allow us to go through any season alone, He is right there with us. When we seek to look up to him and call on his name, He answers before we call (Isaiah 65:24). Life will forever come with seasons of rest (preparation), growth (getting ready to blossom), and harvest (reaping).

As I write these words, I am experiencing a time of growth. While not comfortable, I can attest that I welcome the new experiences that open my eyes to seeing God through new lenses. I welcome the growth that I see in myself as I rest in God for all that he desires to do in my life. I welcome the fresh look when I look in the mirror knowing that I came this far because of his grace. He is the potter, and I am the clay (Isaiah 64:8).

God’s boundless love for us will carry us through any season. His strong arm is our refuge and his shoulder a fortress where we can rest our weary heads. No matter the season you are experiencing, remember his love for us abides forever. He has made the provision to take us through every season through his son Jesus Christ.

Father, you are the God of the seasons in my life. Let your presence guide me to remain in confidence and that your grace will lead me on. In Jesus name, Amen.

This article is brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

About the author: Marcia Clarke is an author who writes daily encouragement for meditation and spiritual enrichment. Helping people through difficult seasons through her writing is her greatest passion. She has a passion for sharing encouragement and practical devotion through her daily blog on and enjoys the practice of meditation, yoga, and daily affirmation to create balance in her life. She is the author of Journey to Abundance with content-rich affirmation for your meditation experience. Marcia most recent book, Thirty Days of Grace is prayer for every season. Visit her at marcia_clarke5.wixsite.com/todayissacred.

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