Walking in God’s Grace

by Marcia Clarke

Therefore, go and give this message to Israel. This is what the Lord says, O Israel, my faithless people, come home to me again, for I am merciful I will not be angry with you forever. Jeremiah 3:12 NLT

One of the greatest struggles of the heart is obedience. I recall a point in my life when I was making ungodly decisions. I didn’t take the time to check in or pray about anything I did. I simply move forward with my plans, and essentially lived in regret, because it never turned out as I’d hoped.

I recall studying for a degree in nursing when the Lord called me to teaching. Yes, I argued with God. But He relentlessly pursued me. Again, I refused to respond. Little did I know; God does not take no for an answer. But I began to face setbacks in way that I couldn’t imagine. As I turned back to Him, I finally fell to my knees and responded to the call.

The grace of God has given me new eyes to see my life from his perspective and not my own.

Looking further in the text on Jeremiah 3:16-18, my heart stirred at how God wanted his people to respond to him, to forget their old ways, and turn from the sins that beset them. He had great plans for them as a nation. He was just waiting until they acknowledged their sin and turned back to Him. “I will not look upon you with anger,” He assured them, “For I am gracious” (Jeremiah 3:12 NASB).

I have failed at responding to God’s command many times in my life. I have failed to let go of my old nature, old wounds of the past, and old mindset. It took some time for me to get it together and show up for what God want me to do. Like the Children of Israel, we can respond with a heart of disobedience towards God’s instruction. Yet even as we continue to sin against God and fail to respond to his command, God’s grace continues, and his mercy endures with us. God has a perfect plan for our lives, we simply must change our hearts and respond to his call.

What is your response to God’s command? Are you listening and responding to those whom he sends as messengers? God is gracious and reveals his will for our lives time and time again. He never gives up on us. He is forgiving and a God of second chances. His grace continues even when we disobey his command. He desires us to acknowledge our faithlessness and disobedience and respond to him. Whether it’s disobedience or sin, let us open our hearts to God’s grace toward us.

Father, we acknowledge that we are disobedient. We acknowledge that we walk in disobedience towards you. Change our hearts that we would return to you. Give us new eyes to see you clearly. We thank you for your amazing grace that continues in Jesus name amen.

This article is brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

About the author: Marcia Clarke writes daily encouragement for meditation and spiritual enrichment. Her greatest passion is helping people through difficult seasons by writing practical devotions at her daily blog, Today Is Sacred. She is the author of Journey to Abundance and her latest prayer book, Thirty Days of Grace.

Join the conversation: How have you responded to God’s call? Did you struggle to obey?

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