Shine Your Light

by Virginia Grounds

The auditorium was dark as the band began to play softly. The star singer walked onto the stage and began to sing. The crowd went wild. One by one flashlights were lifted until the place was lit up like a Christmas tree. All the people there that night were inspired by secular music and artificial light. I was one of those people who didn’t see anything wrong with who I was exalting with my light.

But through the years, I learned about the true light and my life changed. In the gospel of John, Jesus identified himself as the Light of the World. It makes sense then that those who believe and receive Jesus into their lives would have his light within them. Knowing this helps us to understand Matthew 5:14-16. In this passage, Jesus is delivering what we call the Sermon on the Mount to his disciples. We can apply these truths to our lives, because as Christ followers, we are his disciples in this generation.

Jesus taught that his disciples are the light of the world. His instruction to let the light shine before others to glorify God is how we need to live. How does that happen? According to verse 16, it is through our good works. What are our good works? They are the works of faith, turning to God and occupying ourselves with those things assigned by God to us.

The light of Jesus is reflected through the peace he gives as we walk a rocky path. His light is reflected in the strength and courage he gives to press on. It is revealed through the wisdom he inspires, not the artificial light of the world. The love of Christ is the greatest light in our life.

We all have a ministry. Ministry is the service of believers in the work of the Gospel. As believers, we are to bear fruit for the kingdom in sharing the message of Christ with others. As we do, the light of his love shines through us for all to see, just as the city on a hill is not hidden. It is God’s purpose for us to allow others to see our faith in such a way that God is glorified.

The true light to lift is Jesus. He is the One to be exalted so that the light of his love is not hidden. He is the One who inspires us by his Spirit. We shine his light as we serve the Lord, love others, and share the Gospel. Does our light shine when our head is down with a frown on our face? Or, does our light shine when our head is lifted, we are smiling and allowing Jesus to love others through us? Yes!

You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Matthew 5:14 ESV

This article is brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

About the author: Virginia Grounds is a speaker, author, Bible Teacher, former radio host, and effective communicator. Her love for women’s ministry and passion for God’s Word have been an important part of serving for more than 30 years in ministry in one of the largest churches in America. Virginia served with her husband in full-time ministry helping to meet the needs of hurting people. This motivated her to write her first book, Facing Fears, Quenching Flames, a devotional book for overcoming fear and anger.

Rock Solid Trust: Trusting God When Life Is Hard by [Virginia Grounds]

Virginia writes to grow women in their faith and teach life lessons for survival in today’s world. She is married with three adult children and grandchildren. Her ministry website is

Join the conversation: On those days when we do not feel like loving others, what can we do to shine?


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