Let’s Get Personal (in Jesus’ Name)

by A.C. Williams

And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father. Colossians 3:17 NLT

Do you know someone who is really great at being kind? Maybe they’re a great hostess, or maybe they are considerate enough to bring needed supplies for others just in case. I know people who carry restaurant gift cards to give to people on street corners rather than cash.

I’d love to be like that, wouldn’t you?

When we do kind things for other people, unsolicited or spontaneously, a couple of things happen. Obviously, you bless the people you’re being kind to, and that’s awesome. But who gets the credit? Because someone always gets the credit, my friend.

Personally, I like being anonymous. That’s my preferred way of doing it, to be frank. I don’t like people thinking I’m just trying to be a good person or passive aggressively attempting to garner praise for myself. When push comes to shove, I’d much rather someone believe that the bit of kindness they’ve encountered is just a random act.

I realized the other day that a random act of kindness doesn’t point to Jesus. Now, if you’re already a believer, it does. If you anonymously buy someone’s coffee in line at Starbucks, and that person is a believer, they won’t have any problem in seeing it as a gift from God. But what if they aren’t a believer?

They’ll assume it’s a gift from the universe or that it’s karma or something useless and impersonal like that.

If we walk up to someone and give them a gift in Jesus’ name, that person can’t pretend it came from anyone else. If we show kindness to someone in Jesus’ name, it won’t be mistaken as an accident or a random act.

When we invite another person to experience Jesus’ goodness and compassion and grace through our actions, and we give Him the credit for it (1 Corinthians 10:31), that person will come face to face with a personal savior who cares about them. When we serve others in Jesus’ name, He no longer is some distant deity in heaven; He becomes the very real Person who cares enough to intervene in our daily lives.

But that can’t happen if we don’t use His name.

Our world is hurting and broken and desperately searching for answers. The average person on the street feels lost and alone and unseen.

Jesus sees them, and they don’t even know. And they won’t know unless we tell them. (Romans 10:14)

It’s time to stop being afraid of what people think. Let’s set aside the fear of not being authentic enough or the paralyzing guilt of being misunderstood. Be kind. Be generous. Keep your eyes open for how you can serve others, whether it’s financially or emotionally or any other way. And when you help them, don’t shrug it off and say that anyone would do it. Don’t brush away their gratitude as though it doesn’t matter. Redirect them. Tell them why (Matthew 5:16).

We help them because Jesus helped us. We see them because Jesus saw us. And suddenly it’s not about us anymore. It’s about Him.

Random acts of kindness gives people warm fuzzy feelings. Intentional service in Jesus’ name transforms lives.

This article is brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA)

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About the author: A.C. Williams is a coffee-drinking, sushi-eating, story-telling nerd who loves cats, country living, and all things Japanese. She’d rather be barefoot, and if she isn’t, her socks won’t match. An AWSA Golden Scrolls finalist and an editor at Uncommon Universes Press, she believes that God works miracles through stories. Learn more about her coaching services at www.amycwilliams.com and subscribe to her daily devotional emails at www.alwayspeachy.com. Amy is offering a special: the first seven days free, then $5/month. https://acwilliams.substack.com/arisedaily

Join the conversation. Have you ever acted in kindness and told the recipient it was in Jesus’ name? What was their reaction?


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get Personal (in Jesus’ Name)

  1. Wow. Thank you for pointing out the nuances of giving to others in Jesus’ name, as opposed to “random acts of kindness.” Great devo, A.C.


  2. A.C., I think this is very very significant. You are right. Without mention of God or Jesus, people will naturally think about what’s happened through their own lens: IE universe, or whatever. The saying, “You are the only Bible someone will read” is not thorough enough. Without reference to Jesus, they don’t know we represent the Bible. Today I complimented the gal helping me at a coffee shop and I kicked myself as I walked away thinking, “I should have at least said, “Jesus love you.'” I’ve done that often and I trust the Lord will cause that person to continue to think about what that old lady said who mentioned Jesus. He loves me? So thank you, A.C. Next time I’ll refer to Jesus when I’m kind.


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