Bring On the Sonshine

by Dawn Scott Damon

You were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; walk as children of Light (for the fruit of the Light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth), trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord. Ephesians 5:8-10 NASB

“Bring back the sun,” said the security guard at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. I smiled and said, “I will!” So I was off to Arizona, and when you live in Michigan (otherwise known as the frozen tundra), any trip to warm weather during winter brings an envious response from those left behind. Winters are long and brutal—we long for the sunshine.

My smile lingered as I walked down the jetway and boarded the plane. But, of course, I can’t really bring back the sunshine. That’s silly. No one believes we can transport sunshine. I may be influential, but I don’t have that power. I giggled at her funny comment.

Yet, I ponder that little social nicety and determine that we say it because:

  1. We believe there is sunshine somewhere, and we need it.
  2. We think people can help us in bringing the sun.
  3. We believe that sunshine will change our situation.

Okay, so maybe I’m overthinking. But I’m on a plane and have nothing else to do. 

So, here’s the deal: What if we really could bring people sunshine?

I think we can.

You’re probably already on to me, but what if we were carriers of Sonshine?

What if you and I, filled with the love of Jesus, the Son of God, could shed the warmth of his love on people?

I believe we could change the world.

How Sonshine Could Change the World

  1. We would show God’s love, that there is Sonshine. God is real—His beauty exists. His power to warm our lives and fill our souls drives away the clouds surrounding a life without God.
  2. We would share good works. We’d become the extension of Jesus—his hands, feet, and heart for a hurting world. When we bring the Sonshine to a cold heart, we melt away the pain, the frozen cynicism, and the jaded scars so many have because of life’s disappointments.
  3. We would shine the light on the darkened path. We’d reveal that when God comes into our lives, He shows us the way; no more bumping around in the shadows. Our lives change as we walk His path of victory.

So will you do it? Will you bring the Sonshine? Show, share, and shine today!

This article was brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

About the author: International Author, Speaker, and Pastor, Dawn Scott (Jones) Damon began her ministry and writing career after finding freedom and healing from the childhood trauma of sexual abuse. Dawn’s first book, When A Woman You Love Was Abused: A Husband’s Guide to Helping Her Overcome Childhood Sexual Molestation, won the Reader’s Favorite Gold Medal Award in 2013.

The Freedom Challenge: 60 Days to Untie The Cords That Bind You by [Dawn Scott Damon]

Dawn is a favorite keynote speaker at Women’s Conferences, bringing in-depth teaching along with heartfelt honesty, laced with side-splitting laughter. In her latest book, The Freedom Challenge: Sixty Days to Untie the Cords that Bind You, Dawn shares compelling truths in a sixty-day interactive Bible study that identifies and confronts eight cords that keep many believers bound. These practical and powerful biblical tools will give you a new mindset, a fresh beginning, and a clear direction for a positive future. Take the Freedom Challenge and become an active participant in your own emotional and spiritual transformation. 

Join the conversation: What ways have you found to show, share, or shine the Light of Christ?


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