Miles from Where I Started

by Ginger Harrington

I will sing praise to the Lord as long as I live.  Psalm 103: 33a NASB

Have I been running in place rather than moving forward? This is the question on my heart as I reflect on the past year. When reviewing lessons I have learned, God often reveals a spiritual focus for the new year to me.

We often make resolutions that we forget by the end of January. For me, this wasn’t the case—I maintained focus on my goals throughout the year. Despite a lot of hard work, I didn’t lose the pounds I resolved to shed, and I didn’t receive the promotion I hoped to earn. When results didn’t match my effort or meet my expectations, I struggled with discouragement that left a metallic taste of failure in my mouth.

Lord, show me Your perspective. Maybe this past year has been a journey of the heart that is more important than reaching new levels of success. Are you weaning me from the tendency to measure my value by accomplishments? Reflecting on the past year, I see that success cannot satisfy my craving for worth and value. Why is this truth so hard to remember in the race to move ahead in life?

On this January morning while the year is new, I am encouraged by the words of Psalm 103: “I will sing praise to my God while I have my being. Let my meditation be pleasing to Him; as for me, I shall be glad in the Lord” (Psalm 103: 33b-34 NASB).

With a gentle nudge, Jesus reminds me that praise is a decision that carries power to transform my thoughts and emotions. When the voices of the world pressure me to produce, my best choice is to glory in God. On good days as well as hard times, I resolve to mark this year with the simple habit of praising Him.

With one last look in the rearview mirror of past days, I know one thing for sure. Growth in my soul is a success of a deeper kind than my best efforts will produce. I don’t want to spend another moment stuck in the old way of striving to prove myself at the cost of joy. In embracing this lesson, I discover the reality that I am miles from where I started last year.

Lord, I want to choose praise over progress this year. Help me to find my gladness in you.

This article is brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

About the author: Award-winning author and dynamic speaker, Ginger Harrington is the author of Holy in the Moment: Simple Ways to Love God and Enjoy Your Life, a book about the power of simple choices to trust God in the moment. Wife of a retired Marine and mom to three young adults, Ginger directs publishing for the non-profit ministry Planting Roots: Strength to Thrive in Military Life. Helping women develop a deeper relationship with God, others, and themselves, Ginger writes at and Discover biblical ways to experience wholeness and healing in Christ and grab your free resource for overcoming negative thinking at

Join the conversation. Has the decision to praise transformed you?


8 thoughts on “Miles from Where I Started

  1. Great reminders, Ginger! Praise not only honors God, but it is good for our souls. You can’t praise God with a frown on your face!


  2. Yes, Lord, I want to choose praise over progress this year. Help me to find my joy in you! Thanks, Ginger! Great blog!


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