Two Things

by Dana Peters Colley

At churches I have visited in my area, I have heard needs shared, both big and small. One pastor proposed beginning a center to help children in the foster care system and the needy. At another church, a lady shared her woes with me in the parking lot. She’s sixty and was married long ago for a short time. She just needed an ear, another believer to walk with her. She had reached out at that church and was directed to counseling she couldn’t afford. Now, the Lord gave me a meeting with her in the parking lot at the end of service.

In these times, when so many are struggling, with so much scary news, some days it’s a wonder any of us slap two feet down on the floor in the morning. Yet, our instruction from the Lord is not to hide in bed but to occupy until our Savior comes. We’re to put on the whole armor of God and be love to a chaotic, dying world. That world may come at us in our families, our churches, our jobs, or wherever we are.

What has helped me in my times of loneliness and struggle are two things. You possibly already know what I’m talking about. You’d think I’m going to say prayer, right? Of course, we need close contact in prayer. Oh – I LOVE to pray. It’s what we are instructed to do. Submit all our requests to the Lord.

But what I’m suggesting is something beyond prayer. It’s to find two things we love to do. For me, it’s to write and paint. Those two things have saved my life more than once.

Do you have two things beyond your close encounters with our Savior that you enjoy?

I found, years ago, at the beginning of a prodigal season with my two youngest, that working on a story where the characters were wholesome and loving to be immensely helpful. That book, after years of writing, is close to finished. I also reworked a book that had loads of Scripture in it.

Eventually, I picked up my paintbrush. Where I found I needed the right head space to write, I could caress a canvas under all sorts of duress. I began to revel in the joy I found taking brush to canvas to create beautiful scenery. The Lord knew where to meet me, how to strengthen me, and bring me further. He wanted me to experience “life and life more abundantly.” He wants that for all of us!

Remember that woman in the parking lot? I asked her about art. It turned out she had had other believers speaking into her life about her doing just that. It took her mind from where she is to what the Lord wanted her to experience. She opened up a bit, and we had a few moments. Not sure what my next steps will be with her: a meal, paints, or to listen again. But it’s so important for each one of us to find the love of Jesus each other. So, go forth, my friend, and think about two things you can do to celebrate this life Jesus died to give us. And search for the ones God wants you to love as well.

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. James 1:27

This article is brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA)

About the author: Dana Peters-Colley is a creative who loves Jesus. She has been tucked away developing a brand of Christian parable books, faith-based fiction, and inspirational books as well as screenplays. Dana holds a B.A. in journalism, studied screenwriting at U.C.L.A., and is a former long-time Disney creative leader and producer. When the Lord got ahold of Dana everything marvelously changed. She is developing a heavenly-inspired brand line that brings stories to build family, inspire discovery, and teach kingdom ways. See to connect to her spiritual blog and gaze at her adventures.

Do you have a friend you want to receive Jesus into their lives? Do you want to receive how much God loves and values you? Do you want to be empowered to do the impossible? Then, you have to know who you are! Treasure will take you into the realization of God’s love for you as you discover you are His treasure.

Join the conversation: What are the two things you enjoy the most?

2 thoughts on “Two Things

  1. Wonderful blog, Dana. I love both writing and painting.

    After my father died, a week after the funeral, a woman invited my mother and I over for lunch. When we arrived–in a deep state of mourning–she had arranged the dining room as a craft center. Prepared in small boxes and bowls were dried flowers and leaves.

    My mother and I looked at each other and thought she was nuts.

    Insisting we sit, she explained how to arrange the flowers, petals and leaves and perhaps add a saying or scripture.

    Hours later, we came away peaceful with a sense of beauty that came from GOD and from our own hands. She was a wise woman.

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  2. I must admit I don’t think of art other than my writing and playing my keyboard. I will be open to the Lord’s leading for other aspects of “creation.” Thank you, Dana.


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