Grounds for Addiction

by Cherrilynn Bisbano

So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. Revelation 3:16 ESV

I was stuck with the overnight shift in the Navy.

Sleep was an unwanted intruder. If I allowed myself to doze, I would go to jail (rules of the Navy).
I had to drink coffee to stay awake. I hesitated. I hated the taste. But after a few nights of fighting to stay awake, I had to succumb.

That jolt of Java promised to keep me awake. That slap in the face from a dark brew kept me alert.
Jail or Java? A simple decision for me. After a while, I began liking the taste. I even longed to go to work to get a drink. I confess, I am a coffeeholic. It seems I cannot get my day started without it. I look forward to my morning Joe the night before.

K-Cups are my favorite. Whoever invented the Keurig is my hero. Hot coffee at my fingertips one cup at a time. That is Genius!

I tried doing without that jolt of java, but I got a headache. I know that is a sign of addiction. I know I am not alone. Are we bad people for needing this wake-up call every morning? I don’t think so. Why there are shops created just for our addiction!

One morning, I had forty-five minutes to myself. I wanted to grab my cup and fellowship with God. I long for that time, before the sun rises, to read the Word and sip my coffee. I grabbed my cup from under the spout. What? An empty cup?
I forgot to put the water in the machine. Now I had to wait all over again.

UGH! My quiet time was disintegrating because I did not follow proper Keurig procedure! I made sure everything was set. K-cup in. Water added. Cup under the spout. Push the button. Wait…

Yes! A hot cup of pure joy. But at my first sip, I quickly spit it out. Rather than a warming swallow, it was lukewarm. Have you ever tasted lukewarm coffee? YUCK! No one likes lukewarm anything.

At that moment, the Spirit reminded me of the church of Laodicea in Revelation 3. God hates lukewarm.

Laodicea was known for its lukewarm water because it was located between the hot springs of Hierapolis and the pure, cold water of Colossae. Some scholars believe the metaphor for hot and cold came from Laodicea’s location. The Laodicean church was criticized for their lack of zeal for the Lord. The English language refers to those that are neutral or indifferent in matters of faith as “Laodicean.”

As I finished my new cup of hot coffee and pondered the message, I asked myself: Was I half-hearted in my service for Him? Was I giving God only portions of my life? I asked the Lord to show me where I’m lacking zeal for his kingdom. My little coffee fiasco had proven to be a great reminder to serve him with a wholehearted devotion and a willing mind.

Will you join me and be a zealot for Jesus?

This article has been brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

About the author: Cherrilynn Bisbano is an award-winning writer in both fiction and non-fiction. She is a coach, ghostwriter, editor, and speaker. She is honored to be a member of AWSA.

Shine Don't Whine

You can find her published in several online magazines and blogs along with books.  Her latest book, Shine Don’t Whine, released in October 2020. Cherrilynn proudly served in the Navy and Air National Guard. She lives with her son, Michael, Jr., and husband of 22 years. Cherrilynn loves Christ, Chocolate, coffee, and Cats. You will often find her on the beach sea glass hunting.

Join the conversation: In what do you struggle to be zealous for the Lord?


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