Here I am Lord, Asking for Signs!

by Deborah McCormick Maxey

Ask the Lord your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights.” Isaiah 7:11 NIV

While growing up, my favorite Bible stories involved God sending signs. Who among us doesn’t think of God promising not to flood the earth again when we see His rainbow sign?

I’ve never personally asked Him for anything so grand as a rainbow or a burning bush. But for as long as I can recall, I have asked Him throughout the day to help me see the ways He connects with me, to show Himself in my life through signs: in my deepest depths or the highest of my heights, important things, vital or inconsequential things. I want those signs! And I thrill when I get them, because every single sign is a miracle! And I get lots of miracles. Every day.

One constant source of miracles comes when I pray for Him to help me find lost things, my keys, my glasses, the credit card I used online that slipped through the sofa cushions. I know that He knows exactly where things are in this world that He created and orchestrates, and it will be His pleasure to direct me when the time is right. So, as I search, I pray for His help. I let Him know that I am relying on Him who is all knowing, not my anxiety. When I get the right impulses, and follow my intuition finding things, the rejoicing is not just about the item, it’s about the miracle!  He is showing me that He has heard me and recognized my need. A sign that He is right there!

As many things as I lose, I can’t help but wonder if just maybe He created that absent mindedness in me knowing it would drive me closer to Him. Often. For sure it’s a consistent way for me to seek communication with him. Sort of an odd example of “our time together.” I like to imagine He thinks of it as a game of hide and seek with His beloved preoccupied child. So, I set out with, “Okay Lord, I know that you know. And here I am searching. Give me a sign if I’m getting warmer or colder.”

Most signs that are miracles surprise me. I get gooseflesh when I recognize His handiwork. For instance, I prayed for weeks, lifting up a friend that isolates, only to have them call me and tell me that I had been on their mind so much they had to reach out to me.

My grandmother always said that God never stopped producing signs and miracles in great abundance. Miracles happen every day to all of us. We just don’t recognize them, and when we train ourselves to see life that way, it’s a little taste of heaven on earth.  I agree!

 How easy it can be to discount signs and miracles and justify them as fate, coincidence, or luck. Anytime I hear those words, I know differently…a miracle is afoot. Not seeing it as a miracle causes us to miss the joy of connection, the thrill of knowing that God took care of something just for us! Do you think that is what the doubting disciples did? How were they not mind-blown by everything they witnessed?

When we recognize the signs that He is God and responds personally to us, it’s like receiving God’s tender kiss on the cheek and hearing His precious whisper, “I’m right here with you every single moment. Everything that involves you, I see and care about.”

He tells us in His Word: ask for the signs. I’m asking! I’m asking!  And thank you God that I receive!!

This article is brought to you by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

About the author: A licensed therapist, Deborah McCormick Maxey didn’t “re-tire” from her counseling practice, she says God called her to “re-purpose,” to invest her energy in writing Christian fiction, devotions, and focus on miracles that she publishes on her website.  

Deborah’s debut novel, The Endling, is available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and Christian

books.  Native American Emerson Coffee is constantly searching for God’s signs to guide her. She is the last surviving member of her tribe, an endling. When US Marshals inform her that she is being hunted by a mob hit man, Emerson declines their offer of witness protection. But when three innocent children become caught in the crosshairs, Emerson must decide if she will risk it all—her mountains, her heritage . . . even her life—to secure their safety. 

Join the conversation: Do you ask God for signs? And get them?


3 thoughts on “Here I am Lord, Asking for Signs!

  1. Thank you Deborah – a wonderful reminder that God is always with us trying to get through – when I consistently ask for signs I am always astounded in how he answers! God bless, Christina


  2. Yes, yes, yes! I want to be enough in the moment of each day to catch those wonderous signs. Thank you, Deborah!


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