Bells of Silver

by Cynthia Simmons

Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows. Matthew 10:29-31 NASB

While wrapping Christmas presents several years ago, I fiddled with my seasonal jewelry. My earrings were silver bells on a loop that hooked into my earlobe, and the tiny bells gave a soft ding when I shook them. I had fun moving my head or sliding them around in my ear so I could hear the pleasant tinkle. But I glanced at my watch, and realized I needed to go to bed. I cleaned up the paper, ribbon, and bows.

But when I looked in my bathroom mirror, I saw I’d lost one tiny bell from my right ear. I remembered I’d been sliding the earring in and out. Obviously, I made it fall. I felt horrible but reminded myself I’d purchased the earrings at a reasonable cost, even though they were silver. Before I searched, I prayed to find the bell, but I wasn’t convinced I’d ever see it again.

Once outside the bedroom, I walked up and down all the places where I’d been wrapping. Nothing. My oldest son came along and offered to help. He dropped the remaining earring to see how far it would fall and peeked in all the corners of the room where I had worked. We both gave up, and I went to bed trying to talk myself out of sadness.

My husband roused for a moment as I got into bed, and I gave him my news. He offered consolation, but he dropped off again. I prayed over and over to dull my sadness until I fell asleep.

The next morning, after my husband left, I spotted the earring right in front of my door. I assumed my husband found the tiny bell while dressing and dropped it there for me. Delighted, I called to thank him, but he had no idea what I was talking about. I reminded him of the entire story, but apparently, he hadn’t heard what I’d said the night before.

I concluded my oldest son found it, and I thanked him the moment he came downstairs to the kitchen. He looked puzzled and said he didn’t do anything. I recalled how carefully we searched, and I knew the earring didn’t sit in the middle of the floor the night before. Both of us would have seen it.

The probabilities kept rolling around in my thoughts. I realized this wasn’t an earth-shattering matter when I prayed, and I assumed the Lord might help me locate the earring. It sure seemed miraculous, but the cute earring didn’t seem worth a miracle.

But a familiar verse kept coming to mind: “But even the hairs of your head are all numbered” (ESV). We all have about ten thousand hairs, and this verse says he keeps track of how many fall each day! He knew I cared about the earrings, and maybe he wanted me to realize the small things I care about matter to him, too. As I celebrated Christmas that year, I felt the love of God in a new way. Praise the Lord.


About the author: Former home school mother of five, Cynthia has a special spot in her heart for young moms and loves to encourage all women to pursue God. She hosts Heart of the Matter Radio, and writes inspirational fiction and non-fiction.  Find her at

Valuing Gold: A Novella of the Civil War: Uneasiness permeated Chattanooga where Mary Beth Roper grew up. Every conversation she overheard is heated, yet her banker-father was hesitant to reveal the facts. Will Tennessee secede and force them into a war? She was an adult and demanded he tell her the truth, yet she feared the heated politics she’d seen. Then she learned a rogue customer threatened their bank. Somehow, she must find a way to work with Peter Chandler, her father’s partner, even though she can’t bear to be near him. As she unraveled an impossible puzzle, she learned to value her faith.

Join the conversation: Has God ever worked a small thing out for you in a miraculous way?

3 thoughts on “Bells of Silver

  1. Beautifully said. Just like I care about things my loved ones care about, I love that your story illustrates with such tender beautify that we serve a supernatural Lord that cares about the things we care about returned your little bell to you along with a much greater gift, the realization, that became the gift to me today and so many others. Thank you and Merry Christmas..

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  2. What a sweet story. A great reminder that our Heavenly Father cares about everything we care about. Thanks, Cynthia.


  3. I love these kinds of stories. It’s such a great reminder that God cares about every detail of our lives. Thanks for sharing.


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