by Tammy Whitehurst @TammyWhitehurst

 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.                                                                           Psalm 34:18 NIV 

Everything was going fine, then it suddenly feels as if we’ve stepped in front of an oncoming train or just walked face forward into a brick wall. We never saw it coming. It stopped us cold in our tracks.

LIFE: a hit of some kind to the home and heart. Most of us have felt deserted either emotionally or spiritually at some point. The pain can either derail us or propel us into the arms of Jesus.

A few years ago, I found myself in a dance with depression. Without Scripture guiding me out of the dark and back into the light, I would still be in the pit. Even as I clawed myself up and out, I knew Jesus had me in the palm of His hand.

During those dark days, I always believed the dark cloud would one day give way to sunshine. It is true when God tells us weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:1-5).

The key is to keep digging through the darkness until it bleeds light. It will….. because God says it will.

As Christians, we keep moving forward even if we have to drag ourselves. Even if we must claw our way into the next day….. and the next. God sees, hears, and cares. Because of that we have hope. God is good even when life is bad.

I can’t answer why we must walk through a crisis or how long we have to stay.

I can’t tell you when it all will change.


I CAN tell you where our help comes from. His name is Jesus and He won’t bend nor will he break. Even when our future is uncertain, he walks ahead of us to show the way.

When fear is overwhelming and questions have no answers, rely on the peace that surpasses all understanding. He is strong enough to rescue, to save….expect the unexpected when it comes to unleashing and bombarding Heaven with our prayers.

When it comes to life, the older we get the more we realize that “sometimes” is a real word that requires real faith.

Sometimes we get answers quickly.
Sometimes we don’t.
Sometimes people are healed.
Sometimes they aren’t.
Sometimes marriages last 50 plus years.
Sometimes not.
Sometimes relationships are mended and forgiveness comes full circle.
Sometimes it doesn’t.
Sometimes people realize true peace is found when we cross the line in the sand and step out on faith.
Sometimes the line is never crossed.

But even in uncertainty, as believers we can stand with our heads held high. When we keep our eyes on Jesus, we can march forward, not backward, eventually regaining the hope we might have lost.

Rough waters make smooth stones. Smooth stones bring down giants. Armor up. It’s time to report for duty!

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tammy whitehurstAbout the author: Tammy was a middle school teacher before graduating from New Orleans Theological Seminary in 2010. Now speaking full-time, she has been interviewed on radio stations including Moody Christian Broadcasting and has authored three devotionals. She is also the co-director of Christian Communicators Conference, training speakers across the country. She has been described as a hoot with a capital “H” and she struggles like the rest of us with dust, dishes, cellulite, junk drawers, and wrinkles. Find out more about her at

Join the conversation: When is the last time life knocked you off the tracks? What gave you hope?

3 thoughts on “LIFE

  1. I got knocked down several times between 2018 and now. First was my on the job fall that resulted in a dislocated left elbow and broken little finger. Next was a year later in Feb 2019 of elbow reconstruction surgery since that elbow never healed correctly. Then July 2019 my mom passed away unexpectedly after 4 days in ICU. Then 1 month later Aug 2019 I resign from a job managing a group home for adults with I/DD(2 years managing) but 16 years with the company in the same house. Emotionally and physically I could no longer do the job. Then when I thought the pit of despair had finally gone away Covid hit. But compared to the 2 years prior I was ready to deal with Covid…well or so I thought. But now that it has dragged on this long that pit of depression has tried to slide back into my life. Prayer, virtual Bible studies, Virtual writers conferences, and Zoom get togethers have allowed my focus to stay on Jesus and not the depression that tried to sneak its way back in.


  2. My husband and I moved to a new home last week. With each move, we try to downsize and live a simpler life. This move has proven to be challenging at times as we are not as young and healthy as we were years ago. Even through little trials like setting up internet access, unpacking boxes, and having mail forwarded, we have found comfort and hope in sharing conversation with God. He protects us and guides us along the way.


  3. Loved this statement – “Rough waters make smooth stones. Smooth stones bring down giants. Armor up. It’s time to report for duty!” – a good reminder! Blessings to you! Christina Rose


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