The Hope of Today

by Linda Rooks @Linda_Rooks  

In my upstairs hall, family pictures line the wall, photos tracing our genealogies into past decades. I stand looking at a picture of my great-great-great grandmother. I try to recall her name, but must refer to the big family Bible to remind me of it. In another photograph, of my husband’s ancestors, I gaze upon a large family grouping of young and old. As was common in that era, no one sports a smile. But on the inside that day, they were alive with hopes, disappointments, and ambitions, with their future stretching out ahead of them.

Their future has now become our past, and I look upon their likenesses to us and wonder what their lives were like. Did they ever achieved their dreams? They lived and breathed from year to year in a world that was palpable and real . . . in an expanse of time that was THEIR time. They probably felt it would go on forever. It was their generation. But eventually their lives ended and a new generation took its place.

Now it’s our turn. And it’s our time. But like every generation that came before us, our lives have a beginning and an end.

When we are in our prime, we feel we will live forever. There is so much life to live and so much to achieve. Dreams rise up before us and beckon us to follow into the future. But time marches on, and before long, we wake to find new aches and pains and realize we are getting older. Whether or not we manage to surmount our obstacles and attain our dreams, another generation is coming along behind, dreaming new dreams and looking to conquer fresh frontiers.

“All people are like grass,” says Isaiah, “and all their faithfulness is like the flowers of the field. The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever”  (Isaiah 40: 6, 8 NIV.)

In this finite window of eternity that we call our lives, each of our days is brand new, beginning with a sunrise unlike the one before. Regardless of whether these are happy or difficult days, each one is a gift that God has given to grow us and enlarge our vision of who He is.

Sometimes we will praise Him in the happy, glorious days of success and fulfillment, and other times we will seek him from the valleys of despair; but whichever place we find ourselves on any particular day, it is a part of the journey of our life God gives us for TODAY. And it’s a gift.

When we live today to the fullest, not in fleeting pleasures or empty and futile worry, but by submitting our lives to God’s bigger picture, today can become a jewel in our crown. Our challenge is to seek God each and every day as a gift from Him and let Him use our time on earth to the utmost of His highest calling.

Perhaps, one day in the future, a great, great grandchild will find my picture in a photo album and not recall my name. But even though our names may eventually be forgotten on this earth, our hope transcends this temporary world. For on a future day, as God’s children before the throne, we will find our names remembered and recorded in a living book, the Lamb’s Book of Life. We will join with past and future generations to celebrate God’s bigger story, the story we can choose to be part of today as we make choices now to live the part He created us to play.

And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all people will see it together. For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.”                                                                                  Isaiah 40:5 NIV

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linda rooksAbout the author: Linda W. Rooks has a ministry of hope for those in broken marriages. Her award winning books walk with those in the midst of marital breakdown to bring hope and practical guidance to those desiring reconciliation. Linda writes for both adults and children, and her stories and articles have appeared in numerous publications including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Focus on the Family and Today’s Christian Woman. She and her husband reside in Central Florida and thank God for the many reconciled marriages they witness through their ministry.

Linda’s recent release, Fighting for Your Marriage while Separated, dives into topics such as relationship dynamics and healing, protecting children, and praying for restoration, to deciding on boundaries and learning to live with the same spouse in a new marriage, Rooks illustrates what reconciling and rebuilding a marriage looks like—and how the sweet intimacy of Christ is in the waiting.

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