Mix, Knead, Rise, and Roll!

by Delores Liesner @DLiesner

Our Prussian Grandma Minnie’s bread was legendary. Every meal was enhanced by her  delicious bread. She never let a bit of food go to waste. To make leftovers more palatable, she rolled out her favorite bread dough, covered it with chopped up bits from previous meals, and served the freshly baked treat with gravy. Her dough could also hold jelly for breakfast or be filled with ground meats for a savory bread. My favorite kind of rolls were the ones that held sweetened walnut or poppy seed filling. Everything was better when served with Grandma Minnie’s bread.

The filled bread’s original name, Potica, meant rolled up. Her children nicknamed it Roly-Poly, because to feed her family of 16, Grandma’s original recipe produced two long chubby rolls equal to six loaves of bread! Her dough took much of the day to mix, knead, rise, and finally roll out before baking. Lots of time to pray and to thank God for the abundance from left-over bits, Grandma always said.

Grandma taught by example, much as the disciples did. The generations that followed her continued an appreciation of abundance by topping weekend baked potatoes with a week’s worth of meal left-overs. We also considered a long wait anywhere to be a prayer opportunity.

Wait a minute – what was that last one?  Believe it or not, Grandma’s bread baking taught me that having to wait is an unexpected form of abundance! If we have to wait for a light to change, the person ahead of us in line to make up their mind, or a machine to complete a transaction, we’ve been given a gift!

Next time you find yourself waiting, look up and around you. Pray for those in proximity to you and ask God how you can cheerfully show patience in the wait. There’s a great example in Grandma’s baking routine:

Mix – Accept all the ingredients in your life right now as God’s recipe for growth. A mouthful of flour or cocoa may not be too appetizing, but when combined with other ingredients, can be more than palatable – and even becomes desirable!

Knead – Work those life ingredients together with a prayer of patience and hope – these two ingredients are the sugar and yeast of life – without them, the results will be flat and unappetizing.

Rise – While you are required to wait, ask God to show you how to turn what you have into an abundance. Knowing God can use it all to give you something good can change your attitude.

Roll – Use what you have been given to create something new. How can you turn your moments into mementoes?

As for the bake: thank God for the heat of your situation and be ready to learn from it. This response can become a habit.

What have you learned and received while waiting that you can put into practice today?

 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.             Romans 12:12 NIV

Mix, Knead, Rise, and Roll! – insight on #GodsLove from @DLiesner on @AriseDailyDevo (Click to Tweet)

delores liesnerAbout the author: Delores Liesner loves to reveal the dynamic hope and confidence found in the heritage of our personal God. She writes from Racine, WI., is a CLASS graduate, 21st Century Grandma and Life Tales columnist. She has published hundreds of stories and articles. Check out her Amazon Author page!

Delores’ book, Be the Miracle, will Be the Miracle by [Liesner, Delores]deepen your walk with God, help you to notice others’ needs, and give you practice hearing and answering His call.

Join the conversation: How do you use waiting as a positive opportunity?

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