If Only I Can Touch Him

by Karen DeArmond Gardner @kgardnerwrites

Jesus said, “Daughter, you took a risk trusting me, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well, live blessed!” Luke 8:48 MSG

She wove her way through the crowd, her only thought was reaching Jesus. If the crowd knew the truth they would turn on her, yet she was determined to encounter the One who could heal her.

The crowd stopped moving when a man approached Him, obviously full of sorrow as he told Jesus of his dying daughter. He begged the Teacher to come and heal her. Jesus agreed and began to accompany him to his home.

The woman slipped in behind the Teacher, and in desperation, reached out, managing to touch a tassel hanging from His prayer shawl. The moment she made contact, she felt power course through her body. Stunned, her only thought was, “I am healed!”

Fear gripped her when He suddenly stopped. Scanning the crowd, he demanded to know, “Who touched Me?”

The men with Him answered, “With so many in this crowd, Rabbi, it is hard to tell who touched you.”

Terror set in as His eyes fell on her, “Who touched me?” He knew! His eyes locked on hers and she fell at His feet to tell her story.

With a trembling voice, she blurted out, “It was me, I touched you. For twelve years I’ve been bleeding.” She knew she as spoke the words that the crowd could turn on her; the Torah was clear: everyone she touched became unclean, and to touch a man in public was forbidden. “I am alone, with no one, as I am untouchable. I have seen every doctor and spent all my money. My hope was gone until I heard about the people you healed. My only thought was if I could touch you, just maybe I, too, could be healed.”

The crowd looked on, waiting to see what the Teacher would do. In amazement, they watched Him reach down to lift her chin. He looked into her eyes with such love and said, “Daughter, you took a risk trusting me, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well! Live blessed!” Tears streamed down her face as she was enveloped in His love and acceptance.

As she made her way back through the crowd, she held her head high, the word “daughter” ringing in her ears.

The question that runs through my mind is this: why did Jesus bother asking who touched Him? He had to know. And although He knew how the crowd could react to her story, He asked anyway.

She was unclean, physically and spiritually. A woman who could not participate in worship and had not been touched by anyone in 12 years. She was broken in so many ways; she had nothing to lose so in spite of the fear, she blurted out her story for all to hear.

This is what Jesus wanted—for all to hear her story. It’s what He wants from all of us.

“Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out! Tell others He has redeemed you…” Psalms 107:2.

For too many years I hesitated to tell my story. Like the woman with the ‘issue of blood’, I expected rejection and judgment. Telling our story is not about what happened to us but what God did with what happened to us, “… to show the faithful love of the Lord.” Psalms 107:43.

It is about Him, about what He has done with our messiness of our life. Our focus is not on how bad we were or the horror that was done to us. The goal in the telling is to bring Him glory.

Be-Loved, tell your story. Show the faithful love of the Lord and how He redeemed you. He deserves that glory.

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karen dearmond gardnerAbout the author: Karen DeArmond Gardner is a 30-year survivor of domestic violence. She has spent 15 years on her own healing journey and nearly that long helping others find freedom, restoration, and redemption.

Karen is a facilitator in Freedom Ministry/Sozo and directs the Women’s Ministry at Catch the Fire DFW Church. She also facilitates Mending the Soul, a group that leads women through the trauma of their past into healing and wholeness. She serves on the Board of Directors for Arukah House, a transitional home for women coming out of sex trafficking and abuse.

Karen blogs at Crack the Silence and can be found at her Crack the Silence Facebook page. She continues to be a helpful contact and resource for abused women in her church and community.

Join the conversation: Tell your story: what has God done for you?

8 thoughts on “If Only I Can Touch Him

  1. Beautiful words Karen! And the timing is perfect as I head into a women’s prison today praying for the Holy Spirit to speak God’s healing into their lives.


  2. Thank you for sharing Karen. It does take courage to share our stories. You were victimized; I was the victimizer. I abused my toddler daughter and kept the secret preventing healing. But God persisted and taught me how to take ahold of his power to gain patience. He also healed the heart wounds of our daughter and healed our dysfunctional marriage. Then I faced God’s call to share my story. That was over 40 years ago and the exposed secret became my ministry. I trust the Lord will use your vulnerability to encourage every reader to take ahold of God’s courage to share secrets. Only Satan loves secrets. Thank you for sharing.

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