Message In The Clouds

by Sheri Schofield

I’m a cloud girl. I love watching clouds and looking for designs that remind me of something familiar down here on planet earth. Montana has some of the most unusual cloud patterns I’ve ever seen. We have days when clouds look like UFOs or elephants chasing geese, stripes or puffballs. One day I saw angels flying across the sky! I find the constantly changing cloud formations fascinating.

But yesterday I saw something unlike anything I’d seen before. The clouds were unexciting, plodding across the sky toward another destination. But across one cloud I saw a perfect, human eye shape, complete with eyelids sketched against the dull background. It was startling, and I wondered how it got there!

Psalm 32:8 flashed across my mind: “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” (

God knows I am a cloud girl. I sensed that he put that eye in the clouds just for me, to remind me that he is watching my efforts to reach the children of my town for Jesus – that he has a plan and the power to do this work. He will guide me, open doors for me, bring others of like mind to me. He will energize and organize this effort.

I do not have that kind of influence. But God does! As I walk in obedience to the instructions God gives, I can trust him to orchestrate everything, to bring me into contact with people whose goal is the same as mine.

Will this happen overnight? Probably not. The only thing I know is that he expects me to be faithful in my efforts to reach these children for Jesus, for as long as I am here.

Ministry here on earth can feel daunting at times. Each believer has his or her own work to do, and sometimes the trials and resistance of earth cause us to feel like our work does not matter . . . that it is pointless. But that is not God’s message to us! The devil would love us to think that way. He would prefer that we give up. But God is with us! Jesus’ very name in prophecy – Emmanuel – means “God with us”.

God did not mean for any of us to minister alone, either. He intends for us to be part of a body of believers who will support us in prayer and words of encouragement. We need the church, the Body of Christ.

Paul talks about spiritual gifts given to people when they give their hearts to Christ. He speaks of these gifts as being parts of a body. One gift could be compared to a head, another could be like a hand, and so forth. He emphasizes how we must function together. “The eye cannot say to the hand, ‘I don’t need you!’ And the head cannot say to the feet, ‘I don’t need you!’ . . . Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” (1 Corinthians 12:21 & 27, NIV)

God did not call any of us to be Lone Rangers. We are to serve him together, loving one another, upholding one another and praying earnestly for one another. As we do, the assignments God has given to us will grow easier because of the mutual support.

Not a bad train of thoughts while I had my head in the clouds! God still speaks through His creation. Thank you, Father!

The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Day to day pours forth speech, And night to night reveals knowledge. There is no speech, nor are there words; Their voice is not heard.  Psalm 19:1-3 NASB

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sheri schofieldAbout the author: Sheri Schofield, an award-winning children’s author-illustrator and children’s ministry veteran of 40 years, has just released her new book, The Prince And The Plan, to help parents lead their children into a saving knowledge of Jesus. Sheri was named Writer of the Year for 2018 at Colorado Christian Writers’ Conference for her work in effectively sharing the gospel of Jesus. Her ministry, Faithwind 4 Kids, can be followed on her blog at her website, Questions welcomed!

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