Bicycle Built for Two

by Pam Farrel

“. . .  for we walk by faith, not by sight. . .”  2 Corinthians 5:7 NASB

When I was a newlywed, I worked as a special education aide.  Bill and I helped Anton, one of my blind students, experience as many physical activity activities as possible. He dreamed of doing things like baseball, bike riding, swinging on a swing, or sliding down a slide. One day, we rented a bicycle built for two. I got on the front, and Bill helped Anton onto the back seat. I peddled away with the sound of giggles and happy squeals behind me as Anton peddled away into complete darkness. He showed great trust that day, completely leaving his well-being in someone else’s hands.

It was not unlike the kind of faith that God sometimes calls us to have in Him.

A personal example of this in my life was when God called Bill to attend Talbot Seminary to become a pastor. That meant moving this farm girl to the heart of Los Angeles. I wasn’t even sure God existed in LA! But just as Anton trusted me to steer him into one of the best adventures of his life, I climbed onto the back of a bicycle built for two, and Bill wheeled us to the heart of Los Angeles to prepare for a lifetime of service to God.

I imagined it was a lot like Sarai when God called Abram out: “The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you” (Genesis 12:1 NIV). Can you imagine the ensuing conversation?

Abram: Sarai, God told me we are moving.

Sarai: Moving! Where?

Abram: Don’t know, He will tell us.

Sarai: When do we leave?

Abram: Now.

To her credit: she went!

How many of us inadvertently squelch the hopes and dreams of others? It is so easy to allow our fears crush the faith of those close to us– people like our mate, our friends, our pastor, our business partner, or our children. When your friend, your mentee, or your child is offered an opportunity to spread their wings and soar, do you clip them?

When your husband shares his clear call from God, how do you react? With skepticism? Anger? Nay-saying? In marriage, trust God’s leading and HE can take you BOTH on an adventure!  He knows you are a team and will honor you both as you walk through the doors God opens for you.

Sarai trusted God enough to obey him. And in the new land she was blessed with her long-awaited miracle son.

When you trust God, peddling by faith into what might seem the dark unknown, often it will become the blessed ride of your life!

Hop on!

Lord, let us not be fearful of the adventure. Father, you are in the driver’s seat so we choose to trust You when we can’t see the path ahead. Amen.

pam ferrelAbout the author: Pam Farrel  loves bike riding with her husband. Together they are international speakers and co-authors of 45 books including A Couple’s Journey With God , which inspired this article. The Farrels invite you to join them in “Living Love-Wise” at the intersection of God’s love and God’s wisdom.

Join the conversation: Has God ever called you to step out in faith?

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