No Plug-Ins, Please

by Debbie Taylor Williams

 As Valentine’s Day approaches, we have been bombarded with suggestions of gift ideas. We choose our gifts carefully for this day, because whether the gift is a card, a phone call, or flowers, the gift says something about the giver.

The first gift I received from my husband, Keith, after we were married was at Christmas.  My family gathered in the den, as was our tradition. Like lovebirds, Keith and I sat close beside each other near the warm fire.  All eyes were glued on me as he placed a wrapped box on my lap.  Keith grinned as I slowly unwrapped the present.  Mama, Daddy, and my sisters leaned forward to see what I was opening.

Perhaps a drum roll would have been appropriate.  As the wrapping paper opened, a box with a picture of an General Electric iron was revealed.  I wondered if that was what was really inside.  However, when he gleefully explained, “I thought you could use this,” any hope that there was a piece of jewelry tucked within vanished. For the first time, my talkative family had nothing to say. Keith, noticing the silence, hurriedly explained that his family always gives practical gifts.

He meant well. But my new husband learned a lesson that day: the gifts that spoke to my heart were not those that required work.

God gave us that kind of gift. He gave His only begotten Son, a gift of salvation that cannot be earned.  It is a gift given without requirements on our part; it is a gift given in unconditional love.

Keith’s gifts to me have come a long way since that first year.  These days, our favorite gifts to one another aren’t roses or candy.  They’re spending time together, speaking encouraging words, holding hands, and taking walks. Those are the best gifts; for they are gifts of the heart.

Do you wish you had someone with whom to spend Valentine’s Day?  Remember, there is someone who loves you dearly.  He gave His most precious, only Son in order that we might have a personal, intimate relationship with Him. It was a priceless gift from His very heart. And requires nothing in return. His name is Jesus.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of eternal salvation in Jesus Christ. Help us always be mindful of how much you love us. 

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 NIV 

debbie taylor williamsAbout the author: Debbie Taylor Williams is the author of seven books and is a national keynote Bible teacher; known for her passion and joy-filled teaching. She’s the founder and President of Hill Country Ministries whose mission is to spread the Word and love of Jesus. Debbie has held her P.R.A.Y. with Passion Across the Nation Conference, that is based on her book, Pray with Purpose, Live with Passion in thirty-three states and is booked to take it to five more. She is a faith columnist for the Kerrville Daily Times, is a charter blogger for the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG²), and served on faculty for the Marantha Writers Conference. She and her college sweetheart, Keith, are blessed with two children and five grandchildren. When Debbie’s not writing or teaching, you’ll find her at a kickboxing class, hanging out with family and friends, reading, golfing, hiking, fishing, and traveling.

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Join the conversation: What gifts have you received that meant the most to you?

4 thoughts on “No Plug-Ins, Please

  1. God gave us the ultimate gift in Jesus. This side of heaven, the gifts of my children ranks pretty high! And after 19 years of being single, God sent my precious husband who daily gifts me with his sweet love. My number one love language is gifts, tied with works of affirmation. He speaks my love language amazingly. We celebrate monthly, as we can’t live long enough to be married 50 years. He points me to Jesus and encourages me to be my best. Priceless!


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