A New Identity

by Delores Liesner

Isaiah 62:2 says that … “you will be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will bestow…”(NIV)

I was the kid who always wanted to be somebody else.  I would practice my new voice, my strut, and my style before the mirror.  When fashion did not make me into something new, I’d change my name – sometimes weekly, on my school assignments.  That abruptly ended when my 7th grade biology teacher, quietly grading papers in class, suddenly held one up and mused – rather loudly I thought – “Hmmmm Terri – who would that be?  I don’t have a Terri in my class… oh, well,” and let all my hard work glide through her fingers into the trash.

Many adults practice identity deceit as well.  Our tricks are more sophisticated, of course.   Whether hiding our inability to read, pretending financial success, using so many beauty enhancements our spouses don’t know whether to sleep on the bed or the dresser, or ditching the evidence of habits or addictions when caught, there is One whom we cannot fool.

Ironically, this very One– the Lord Jesus Christ – has what we long for –– a fresh new start. Isaiah 62:2 says … “you will be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD will bestow,” and 2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new is here!” (NIV)

When God changed my heart, my spiritual understanding changed too. I knew!  Finally, I knew! I had a new identity! Despite who I had been or what anyone else said I was, I was now adopted into God’s family –I was in Christ! God’s Spirit was now living in me and leading my life. Nothing I could do would improve or finish HIS perfect gift. The Bible says wages of sin is death, but Jesus paid my debt in full. It was SO awesome to realize that I did not have to live in guilt or fear anymore.

You know, being convinced that God cares for you will enable you to trust Him through any trial you might face. Life takes on new meaning.  To rightly see myself as God sees me is not about self-esteem, but a reality check: realizing God has forgiven and wiped away my weakness and sin. As I looked into His Word daily, I saw my new identity as clearly as I’d looked into a mirror and seen Justified (legally cleansed of all charges) at the top of the mirror, and Sanctified (set apart for service to God) at the bottom. It truly was a brand-new life.

Have you ever wished for a new start? A new identity has been planned for those who would believe in Christ since the beginning of time. Have you found yours?

delores liesnerAbout the author: Delores is a storyteller. Her passion, whether writing or speaking is to be the miracle for others. Her grandchildren discovered when they spent time with Gramma, something unusual often happened, resulting in another story.

 Over a thousand of those stories, devotionals, and articles are published in print and online and a compilation of 31 stories and life-changing challenges make up her devotional, Be the Miracle! (Elk Lake Publishing). Many other items are listed on her Amazon Author page.

Delores is often spotted reading (3-5 books at a time), trying on shoes, or munching dark chocolate and orange peel. Her personal ministry is to benefit children with life-threatening illness via Fullness of Life Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ

Free Book Contest!  Arise Daily will use a random number generator to pick a winner from today’s comments. To enter our contest for Delores’s book, Be the Miracle,  please comment below.  By posting in our comments, you are giving us permission to share your name if you win!  If you have an outside the US mailing address, your prize could be substituted with an e-book of our choice.

Join the conversation: What facet of your new identity in Christ do you appreciate the most?




18 thoughts on “A New Identity

  1. Our identity in Christ, one of my favorite topics to read about, Delores! We can never be reminded too much that God is our Creator. I love the verse you shared. We are called by a new name, hallelujah! Thank you for the inspiration this morning:)


  2. I think the new identity I love the most is being called His, loved. Belonging to the one that loves me so much He sent His Son to die for me. He loves me so much and will never tell me He can’t stand me.


    1. Love that, Noelle! Isn’t it crazy how we can be tempted to let the past affect or even control our present or future when Jesus has forgotten it as far as the east is from the west! Just as Jesus has a new name for you, He has expanded your boundaries to include new definitions like justified, sanctified, Beloved.


  3. I am thankful for Forgiveness and Grace. Unconditional Love 💕 is a wonderful gift that I embrace and respect. I treasure it.


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