When Things Seem Impossible

by Sheri Schofield

“Father, how am I supposed to handle this?” I asked God. Our family had just gone through a year of incredible trauma. It was so bad that nobody in our new town believed us. They did not think this type of event could happen in the United States. Now our enemy had taken one final swipe at us, and my husband, Tim, couldn’t handle it. He broke down completely and quit his job as a physician.

Day after day, Tim lay on the couch staring at the ceiling. When night came, he tossed and turned and cried out or screamed in his sleep. We had two children, both attending Christian schools, which we felt was necessary for their emotional states at the time. With no income, unable to leave Tim alone in order to work, how was I supposed to get our family through this disaster? How could I put food on the table and ward off debt? I was struggling with post-traumatic stress myself!

I did the only thing I knew would work: I cast myself upon God. I cried buckets of tears as I poured my heart out to my heavenly Father, pleading for help. As the months wore on, I came to desire God’s presence even more than my own requests. He met with me, filled me with joy, and kept me close to His side. The results of those prayers were amazing!

The Christian high school principal paid my son’s tuition so we did not have to put him in public school. Whenever we had a household bill to pay, a check from a Christian friend would arrive in the mail with a note that said, “God told me to send this to you.” Every physical need was met.

Then God asked me to pray for other people suffering from diseases. Many terminally ill people were completely healed. Others received three or four extra years of life.

Gradually, my husband began to recover. A man from church coaxed Tim into helping at his lube and oil shop. Between jobs, the man talked with Tim and drew him out. It didn’t bring in very much money, but working with a fellow Christian man helped Tim gain confidence. He had fallen ill in February. By October, he was able to begin a desk job evaluating disability claims for the government.

My lacerated heart began to heal. During that year, God helped me to stay calm in front of our children and to provide the security they needed. By watching my example, they learned that God answers prayer.

Those stormy months taught me to rest in Jesus like never before. I would not trade that year of prayer for anything! It worked a revolution in my heart and taught me the power of waiting on God for all things.

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31, KJV

sheri schofieldAbout the author: Children’s ministry veteran Sheri Schofield was unexpectedly called on to save her husband’s life, a battle that took her to the Pentagon, Congress, National Security and the President of the United States. At her website, www.SheriSchofield.com, she shares this journey in her book One Step Ahead of the Devil then continues her ministry with the children’s book The Prince And The Plan.

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Join the conversation: What needs has God met for you when you were in the middle of crisis?

12 thoughts on “When Things Seem Impossible

  1. I’m encouraged by your story that during my own season of trial I always have the gift of prayer and God’s presence. I pray that when I’m through the storm, I also will feel like I wouldn’t want to trade the time away because of the way I was brought to depend on Him in total surrender.


  2. Beautiful testimony in what God did through the storms of life showing that is when our God, who makes all things possible, does His greatest work in us & through His people!


  3. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway! Amazing story of how God can bring hope in the midst of pain. thanks for sharing your story for us to be encouraged. Just briefly, I have seen Gods’ goodness in my life after I spent 8 months in a homeless shelter. God led me to a church family that helped me move into my new apartment, they provided furniture for me and they helped me with a used vehicle so I could stop taking pubic transportation to work. In the times of pain, God is still good.


  4. Dear Sheri,
    What a wonderful testimony of your patient waiting upon the Lord at such a time and the Lord’s marvelous care and providence to His children. Also the humility of your husband who is a physician by profession to take up a job to help in an oil shop. What an example you have been to your children . I give below the words of two songs, from my worship song CD, which the Lord gave me at a time of rejection without hope.
    God bless your family,
    There’s a ray of hope
    There’s a ray of hope when you look up to the Master, The hope will grow if you listen to His voice, The hope becomes a reality- and you see a door is open, Give your hand to Jesus, He will be your guide
    He will guide you through the stormy weather, He will lead you to fulfill your heart’s desire, Let your will be only to please your Master, His name is Jesus, He’s the Way, the Truth and the Life
    Jesus your friend
    When you’re weary and sad, – And your heart is not glad, There’s a friend who will show you His plan
    When your hopes may be crushed – And no path to be trod, There’s a friend who will lend you His hand
    When your purse is not full, – And you wonder around, There’s a friend who will supply your need
    When your time is too short, – You don’t know where to start, He’s the friend in every need who’ll intervene


  5. It seems crazy but in a difficult season where we had no money my shampoo bottle never ran out. It was a small travel size and lasted a year. Any time i would go to use it there was some there!


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